Mission Statement

In being culinary enthusiasts ourselves, we believe in a utilitarian approach to kitchen design. By assigning functionality to designated grouped areas, namely Produce/Larder, Preparation/Cooking, and Cleaning/Utilities, one can maximize ease of access and ergonomic flow in the work-space.┬áThis is a tried and tested philosophy used in assembly lines for some time now. Once the “Form Follows Function” foundation is established, the carefully considered cosmetic elements can be applied to the design, masking any unsightly industrial elements as necessary, while enriching the overall impression.

With mindful attention to detail throughout, this process inevitably results in spaces which are intrinsically beautiful and comfortable to command, (whereas design which puts style first, may end up being impractical.) This aim is implemented as best as possible within the spacial and budgetary limitations of each project.

Additionally, a focus on modular, small space builds is being explored, creating multi-functional spaces with minimal conversion effort, perfect for the limited and costly Cape Town market as well as the discerning adventurous Johannesburg clientele. We hope, as pioneers of this forward-thinking in our country, to change the way people think about comfort versus utility.

We at Boss Custom Kitchens are always looking forward to new and exciting challenges, striving to ensure a personalized and quality assured service, customized to client needs. Our Facebook site invites visitors to post inspirational ideas and innovations in bespoke furniture and timber application, in the hope that future contracts may push our portfolio and expertise to new heights.

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